Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unbelievably Shocking Vol. 2 comp (2006)

Unbelievably Shocking Vol. 2 comp CD. Free with Unbelievably Bad magazine issue #3, 2006.

1. Hard-Ons - Stop Crying (Unreleased demo)
2. The Mint Chicks - Rubbage Rat (Live, Wellington NZ, April 15 2005)
3. The Sailors - Slam Dunk The Funk (Edit) (Unreleased demo)
4. Scum System Kill - Meanwhile...Somewhere in Iceland (Rehearsal tape)
5. Bambi and The Bambis - Hmmm (Unreleased)
6. The Stabs - Blame it on Sir Charles Wheatson (Live on 3PBS, Dec 6 2004)
7. Spod - Country of Sweden (Unreleased)
8. Twin City Faction - Supernaut (Black Sabbath) (Rehearsal tape)
9. The Clear Spots - Slave Girl (Lime Spiders) (Unreleased demo)
10. Nunchukka Superfly - Get Fucked (Live on 3PBS, Dec 31 2004)
11. The Blacklist - Man's Man (Unreleased demo)
12. The Uhohs - Trash (Unreleased)
13. The Witch Hats - La Botomy Bay (Unreleased demo)
14. Pure Evil Trio - Death to The Sick Muse of The Industry/Dead Souls (Nomeansno) (Unreleased)
15. Violent Soho - Fuck Repeat Offender (Live at Woodridge Skate Park, Brisbane, Mar 2005)
16. Guns Are For Kids - Yes it Yes is (Unreleased demo)
17. Blasting Process - All Gone Dead (Unreleased)
18. The Warm Feelings - Anarchy JC (Unreleased demo)
19. Motorhank - Dear John (Hank Williams) (Rehearsal tape)


Second installment, same principle. Download Vol. 1 here.

As this was released in 2006, some tracks listed as "unreleased" will have subsequently appeared on discographys, e.p's and the like. But you get that. Once again, a couple of tracks are recorded live on PBS 106.7FM. Many, many good bands have done sets for them over the years. They're pretty good. Support them.
And of course...

Unbelievably Bad online

Unbelievably Shocking Vol. 1 comp (2005)

Unbelievably Shocking Vol. 1 comp CD. Free with Unbelievably Bad magazine issue #1, 2005.

1. Beasts Of Bourbon - The Low Road (Live at The Tote, Melb, Oct 30 2003)
2. Bird Blobs - Getting Ready to Crawl (Unreleased demo)
3. Blood Duster - Looking Forward to a Long Toxic Death (Unreleased)
4. Grand Fatal - Baker Boy (Live at The Corner Hotel, Melb, Jul 8 2005)
5. Children's Hospital - Typhoonwhirlwindavalanche (Unreleased demo)
6. The Holy Soul - Roadmaster (Unreleased demo)
7. The Scare - Skeleton That Breathes (Unreleased demo)
8. Blacklevel Embassy - Evolution of a Dudewolf (Unreleased demo)
9. Six-Foot Hick - I Got The Swamp (Live 2003 from Live in Japan EP)
10. Sugar Kane - Beach Romp Sex Party (Unreleased)
11. The Nation Blue - Chase Music (Instrumental rehearsal tape)
12. Gazoonga Attack - Junky Music (Live on 3PBS, Nov 5 2001)
13. Further - Snakes & Ghouls (Unreleased demo)
14. Steve Towson & The Conscripts - I Wanna Go to Indonesia (Live on 4ZZZ, Feb 2005)
15. The Colytons - Argument/I Want You Baby (Rehearsal tape)
16. Group Seizure - Smoke is a Poison Kiss (from Group Seizure EP)
17. Tucker B's - Lord We Are Your Playlord (from Chubby album)
18. Justice Yeldham & The Dynamic Ribbon Device - Berlin (Live in Berlin, Jan 27 2004)
19. The Windmills - Eyeball Soup/Monkey Brains (Rehearsal tape)

The idea, apparently, with these comps is for bands to submit unreleased, demo, live, rehearsal and generally crap sounding recordings, hence the title. Suprisingly good quality sound for the most part though, and a good cross section of bands (of varying quality). Bit more of an old man selection on this one than subsequent volumes. I guess since this was the first issue the young people weren't quite on board yet.

Best zine in Australia by far. More of a magazine magazine anyway.


Unbelievably Bad online

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Epics / The Hawaiian Islands (Vic) & more 11.09.10

The Hawaiian Islands (vic)
Kill The Matador (vic)

Saturday 11th September. 2pm. $5.
*Slighty altered lineup. Totally Unicorn not playing 'cos they're off being unicorns and fairys and shit. Now featuring bonus Handsome. Didn't those helmet dudes have a band called handsome? Maybe my imagination. It's not them anyway.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Brainwaves (Vic) & more 10.09.10

Brainwaves (Vic)
Pee Wee
Yes I'm Leaving

Friday 10th September. 6pm. $7.

Useless Children (Vic) & more 04.09.10

Useless Children (vic) "Skin" 7" launch!
Dead Farmers
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
Ether Rag

Saturday September 4th. 7pm. $5.

Circuits (Vic) & more 28.08.10

Circuits (Vic)
None Remain
Ether Rag

Saturday 28th August. 5pm. $5.

Chinese Burns Unit / Epics & more 13.08.10

Chinese Burns Unit (Folks from Lawnsmell, Frenzal Rhomb, The Optionals, Pure Evil Trio etc.)
Epics (Folks from Grand Fatal, Between The Devil & The Deep, Lungs etc.)
Spew Ya Guts Up (Newcastle folks)
Nudist Colonies Of The World (Nude folks)

Friday 13th August. 6pm. $5.
*Sorry, Lungs coudn't play after all. Tom's playing with Epics though.
Flyer by Glenno.

Whores / None Music / Teen Ax 14.08.10

None Music
Teen Ax

Saturday 14th August. 3pm. $5