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Unbelievably Shocking Vol. 2 comp (2006)

Unbelievably Shocking Vol. 2 comp CD. Free with Unbelievably Bad magazine issue #3, 2006.

1. Hard-Ons - Stop Crying (Unreleased demo)
2. The Mint Chicks - Rubbage Rat (Live, Wellington NZ, April 15 2005)
3. The Sailors - Slam Dunk The Funk (Edit) (Unreleased demo)
4. Scum System Kill - Meanwhile...Somewhere in Iceland (Rehearsal tape)
5. Bambi and The Bambis - Hmmm (Unreleased)
6. The Stabs - Blame it on Sir Charles Wheatson (Live on 3PBS, Dec 6 2004)
7. Spod - Country of Sweden (Unreleased)
8. Twin City Faction - Supernaut (Black Sabbath) (Rehearsal tape)
9. The Clear Spots - Slave Girl (Lime Spiders) (Unreleased demo)
10. Nunchukka Superfly - Get Fucked (Live on 3PBS, Dec 31 2004)
11. The Blacklist - Man's Man (Unreleased demo)
12. The Uhohs - Trash (Unreleased)
13. The Witch Hats - La Botomy Bay (Unreleased demo)
14. Pure Evil Trio - Death to The Sick Muse of The Industry/Dead Souls (Nomeansno) (Unreleased)
15. Violent Soho - Fuck Repeat Offender (Live at Woodridge Skate Park, Brisbane, Mar 2005)
16. Guns Are For Kids - Yes it Yes is (Unreleased demo)
17. Blasting Process - All Gone Dead (Unreleased)
18. The Warm Feelings - Anarchy JC (Unreleased demo)
19. Motorhank - Dear John (Hank Williams) (Rehearsal tape)


Second installment, same principle. Download Vol. 1 here.

As this was released in 2006, some tracks listed as "unreleased" will have subsequently appeared on discographys, e.p's and the like. But you get that. Once again, a couple of tracks are recorded live on PBS 106.7FM. Many, many good bands have done sets for them over the years. They're pretty good. Support them.
And of course...

Unbelievably Bad online

Unbelievably Shocking Vol. 1 comp (2005)

Unbelievably Shocking Vol. 1 comp CD. Free with Unbelievably Bad magazine issue #1, 2005.

1. Beasts Of Bourbon - The Low Road (Live at The Tote, Melb, Oct 30 2003)
2. Bird Blobs - Getting Ready to Crawl (Unreleased demo)
3. Blood Duster - Looking Forward to a Long Toxic Death (Unreleased)
4. Grand Fatal - Baker Boy (Live at The Corner Hotel, Melb, Jul 8 2005)
5. Children's Hospital - Typhoonwhirlwindavalanche (Unreleased demo)
6. The Holy Soul - Roadmaster (Unreleased demo)
7. The Scare - Skeleton That Breathes (Unreleased demo)
8. Blacklevel Embassy - Evolution of a Dudewolf (Unreleased demo)
9. Six-Foot Hick - I Got The Swamp (Live 2003 from Live in Japan EP)
10. Sugar Kane - Beach Romp Sex Party (Unreleased)
11. The Nation Blue - Chase Music (Instrumental rehearsal tape)
12. Gazoonga Attack - Junky Music (Live on 3PBS, Nov 5 2001)
13. Further - Snakes & Ghouls (Unreleased demo)
14. Steve Towson & The Conscripts - I Wanna Go to Indonesia (Live on 4ZZZ, Feb 2005)
15. The Colytons - Argument/I Want You Baby (Rehearsal tape)
16. Group Seizure - Smoke is a Poison Kiss (from Group Seizure EP)
17. Tucker B's - Lord We Are Your Playlord (from Chubby album)
18. Justice Yeldham & The Dynamic Ribbon Device - Berlin (Live in Berlin, Jan 27 2004)
19. The Windmills - Eyeball Soup/Monkey Brains (Rehearsal tape)

The idea, apparently, with these comps is for bands to submit unreleased, demo, live, rehearsal and generally crap sounding recordings, hence the title. Suprisingly good quality sound for the most part though, and a good cross section of bands (of varying quality). Bit more of an old man selection on this one than subsequent volumes. I guess since this was the first issue the young people weren't quite on board yet.

Best zine in Australia by far. More of a magazine magazine anyway.


Unbelievably Bad online

The UV Race - Live at The Great Britain (2009)

The UV Race - Live at The Great Britain CD-R. Self-released, 2009.

1. Gore Orphanage
2. Baw Baw Blues
3. Bad News
4. Slow Mo-tion
5. I Go Blank
6. All the Things I Do
7. Lego Man
8. Agitated


Recorded live at The Great Britain Hotel, August 22nd, by Cooper. "50 copies only for Sydney Flip Out". Decent sounding, not fantastic set, from Melbourne darlings The UV Race. Buy the LP. It's really good, I swear.
Featuring Daniel & Al from Straightjacket Nation being not hardcore.


Grey Daturas - The Grey Daturas (2002)

Grey Daturas - The Grey Daturas CD-R. Black Mountain / Sonic Advisor (BM-02/SA-01) 2002.

1. When Planes Attack
2. Bleeding Bleeding Zodiac
3. Cuban Resistance
4. Do You Know I Was Supposed to Wake Up and Die Last Night?
5. Shrouded Rebus
6. I Talk to The Voices
7. Bloodcloth


First album from Grey Daturas. Not much to say. They were good, they broke up. Always liked em though never fell head over heels like many others. I don't know anything about music anyway.
One of the Rob's does Black Widow now.

Grey Daturas
Heathen Skulls

Black Fucking Eye - Demo (2006)

Black Fucking Eye - Demo CD. Viper Death Lock, 2006.

1. Square Peg Round Hole
2. Wrong From Right
3. 1! 2! 2 Slaps!!! Ahahah!!!
4. Mob Mentality
5. Sick and Tired (Infest)

Fast fucking hardcore. Brett from Deadstare/Taking Sides etc. Nathan from Charcoal Human. John from Deadstare/Stockholm Syndrome/Fattura Della Morte etc (he's in 4 Dead now too!). And some other guy (sorry other guy, I forget). Only ended up playing a few shows before breaking up and sorta becoming Had It. The end.


Viper Death Lock

The Diamond Sea - Demo (2007)

The Diamond Sea - Demo 3"CD-R. Self-released, 2007.

1. Heavy Skies
2. Safe Keeping
3. Ghosts

First demo from The Diamond Sea (yep, named after the Sonic Youth song) which featured Jacquie from Terror Firma/Schifosi/Plea of Insanity and Alicia from Masstrauma after she moved to Melbs, along with a couple of other ladies. Recorded at Mgtvle with Lachlan Vercoe. Pretty sure they had a different drummer after this recording. This is good, but the 10" on Yellow Ghost is fantastic. Buy it please. There's a split 7" too, apparently, but I haven't got/heard it. Someone give it to me please!


They're in Infinite Void and Tangent Circles now.

Far Left Limit - The Skeleton Against The People (2000)

Far Left Limit - The Skeleton Against The People CD-R. Self-released 2000.

1. Step Out
2. It's Too Late
3. Today Flag Tag, Tomorrow The World
4. Out of Hope
5. Sometimes I Wonder
6. Why


One of this country's best ever hardcore bands. Not immediately evident from this first recording but, fuck, they were awesome. Went on to record a split 7" with Deadstare on Deplorable/Gash, one of this country's best ever hardcore records, and then the "Paint it Black" 7" on Gash/625, also highly recommended. Members have since played or are playing in The Focus, Pisschrist, Straightjacket Nation, Bill Shankly, Agents Of Abhorrence and many, many more. Dave even guested for Conquest For Death when they toured over here. Not sure how many were made but it wasn't a lot. It's possible that this might have been a cassette too, but I'm not sure. Tapes hadn't really made their comeback yet at this point. The Flag Tag song was a fun-times live staple for pretty much their whole existence, and Sometimes I Wonder was re-recorded for the split 7" but everything else is only found on this demo. Tear it up.

Aphra Behn - Demo (2003)

Aphra Behn - Demo CD-R. Self-released 2003.

1. Intifada
2. Lines of Flight
3. Footnotes to an Esay Entitled "On the Political Connotations, Emotional Consequences and Bitter Irony of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies"
4. Pieces


Ex-St. Albans Kids, Things Fall Apart, The Plague and others. Pre-Scum System Kill, Burke & Wills, Crux and others. Jyoti and Luke also did Beating Hearts Press. Wollongong band, though I don't think anyone in this band was actually from Wollongong (certainly none of them live there now...). A bit emo, a bit hardcore, more than a bit political. Not many copies made (maybe 50?), with stenciled covers and a wrap around fancy bit.
Aphra Behn (1640-1689) was apparently the first woman to write professionaly in english.

Some info about Aphra Behn the person.

St. Albans Kids - Demo (2001)

St. Albans Kids - Demo CD-R. Crash!!! Audio 2001.

1. Dialogue With a Consumer Product
2. Taking Pot-Shots at Dead Bodies
3. The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola
4. Bridging Feldman and Foucault
5. An Exercise in Self Affirmation
6. (Outro)


Ok, so this is only being posted for "archival purposes" really...bodgy as fuck rehearsal recording which for the most part was properly (well, as "proper" as you might imagine) re-recorded later on. Not sure what Crash!!! Audio was...probably someone from the band's early label.

Band name is taken from the movie "Flirting" (sequel of sorts to the wonderful "The Year My Voice Broke") with Noah Taylor and Nicole Kidman. There's a scene where Noah Taylor is sneaking into the girls boarding house window and someone screams "Ah! It's a man!" followed by "Nah, it's just a St. Albans Kid."

St. Albans Kids - Late Night Excursions... (2002)

St. Albans Kids - Late Night Excursions Into Urban Wastelands 3"CD. Deplorable Recordings / Kickstart My Heart (DEP-018 / KSMH-01) 2002.

1. Dance on Road, Dance on Street, Dance on Face (An Introduction)
2. I Am Hip Hop
3. Last Drinks at The Modernist Hotel
4. The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola
5. Barthes for Breakfast
6. And With That...Summer's Kids Turned Into Winter's Adults
7. Seducing and Outdated Model of Youth Enragement (Necrophilia! Necrophilia!)


Great Adelaide band, from a "post-Spiral Objective" time when that scene was pretty much dominated by supremely shit jock arseholes parading as hawdkaw "dudes" (probably still is? A childhood of religious fanatacism in the City of Churches doesn't generally make for a very forward-thinking "youf" music scene).
All arty/wordy refrences and "appropriated" lyrics a la Catharsis or Orchid, which made them prime targets for derision by aforementioned numb-skulls. After this, Tom did Love Like...Electrocution, and Macgyver Taxi Driver with Lachlan for a few shows, then became a lawyer or something. Lachlan moved to Wollongong (then Sydney) did Aphra Behn, Burke & Wills, Crux and is now in Naked On The Vague. Nick also moved to W'gong did Burke & Wills, then moved to Brisbane and did State Funeral aka Omission From God which was a kinda pre-Teargas band...last seen being a cowboy somewhere. Too many drummers to mention right now.
They also released a split 7" with George W. Bush (taken from this same session)on Gash Records (out of print) and a split 7" with Off Minor on Appliances & Cars (still available!). Also had tracks on the Personality Liberation Front/Deplorable Records comp and the Kickstart My Heart Japanese/Australian comp.

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Iron Sausage - Not A Lot About Nothing (1999)

Iron Sausage - Not A Lot About Nothing CD. Chaotic Thoughts / Carnival Of The Animals (CHAOS.D&K-05) 1999.

1. Nothing New
2. Pocket Gameboy
3. I Complain, My Friends Complain. Why the Fuck Don't You Complain?
4. Ode to Howard's Stooges
5. TV the Drug of the Masses
6. Mine is Bigger Than Yours
7. Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia?
8. Heroin and Other Addictive Drugs are Undermining all the Basic Principles in Our Society
9. Wasted
10. 3 Day BBQ
11. I Participate, You Participate, She, He & Animals Participate. They Profit.
12. What Can You Do About it
13. No Excuses, Buddy
14. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
15. Plastic Fish Food
16. No Thoughts at All
17. Stinky Britches
18. Means to an End
19. I Used to Be Straight Edge...Only Back Then We Called it Boys Brigade
20. The Jabiluka Manuka
21. Shame, Shame, Shame
22. Middle Finger Response (Propagandhi)

This "grind-but-political, angry-but-fun" Sydney favourite originally came in fancy silk-screened cloth (not hessian, unfortunately, but close enough) bags with a big booklet full of partially-legible lyrics, Winston Smith/DK's-style collage and vegan recipes!* Released on Danny from Red Stain's (now Deathcage) label, Chaotic Thoughts, as a split release with Carnival Of The Animals, which was Iron Sausage's own label (though I think this was all they put out?). 1000 pressed but a fair few got all mouldy and fucked up. For a band that was around a few years that people actually liked they didn't release all that much...besides this there was the 7" on Deplorable and a few comp tracks. They did, however, record a shitload of songs and amongst demos and live stuff there's at least one whole unreleased session that from memory included the planned Star Wars-themed 7" that never eventuated.
John now plays with Chinese Burns Unit, Pure Evil Trio, Black Vat Trio and probably other things. He also played in Scum System Kill and even Mutiny for a bit. Ed took some drugs, did Cerebral Posse, disowned hardcore and disappeared. Fred played in some bands since (Epileptic Fitness? That Hypno-Toad one?) and is doing recording/engineering etc. Not sure what Campbell's up to.
Awesome live band. Great album.


*Read Felix Von Havoc's article in MRR on the problematic packaging here.

Epics / The Hawaiian Islands (Vic) & more 11.09.10

The Hawaiian Islands (vic)
Kill The Matador (vic)

Saturday 11th September. 2pm. $5.
*Slighty altered lineup. Totally Unicorn not playing 'cos they're off being unicorns and fairys and shit. Now featuring bonus Handsome. Didn't those helmet dudes have a band called handsome? Maybe my imagination. It's not them anyway.

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Brainwaves (Vic) & more 10.09.10

Brainwaves (Vic)
Pee Wee
Yes I'm Leaving

Friday 10th September. 6pm. $7.

Useless Children (Vic) & more 04.09.10

Useless Children (vic) "Skin" 7" launch!
Dead Farmers
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
Ether Rag

Saturday September 4th. 7pm. $5.

Circuits (Vic) & more 28.08.10

Circuits (Vic)
None Remain
Ether Rag

Saturday 28th August. 5pm. $5.

Chinese Burns Unit / Epics & more 13.08.10

Chinese Burns Unit (Folks from Lawnsmell, Frenzal Rhomb, The Optionals, Pure Evil Trio etc.)
Epics (Folks from Grand Fatal, Between The Devil & The Deep, Lungs etc.)
Spew Ya Guts Up (Newcastle folks)
Nudist Colonies Of The World (Nude folks)

Friday 13th August. 6pm. $5.
*Sorry, Lungs coudn't play after all. Tom's playing with Epics though.
Flyer by Glenno.

Whores / None Music / Teen Ax 14.08.10

None Music
Teen Ax

Saturday 14th August. 3pm. $5