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Deathcage / None Remain & more 07.08.10

None Remain
Ether Rag

Saturday 7th August. 6pm. All-ages. $5.
Nick from Deathcage's last ever show!
*Whoops. This is definitely a 6pm start, ignore flyer for time being. Still won't go too late though, so be early!

Draft Dodger - Modern Martyr Demo (2004)

Draft Dodger - Modern Martyr Demo. Self-released, 2004.

1. Get Outa Town
2. Maketh the Man
3. The Greatest Story Ever Told Walking
4. Cutting Class
5. A Fistfull of Dollars

Draft Dodger's second demo, though it came out between the 7" and the LP (both on Endless Blockades). Perhaps more of a tour EP or something. Also released on cassette with a mixtape of 80's hardcore on the flipside.
Guest vocals on Get Outa Town by Lex Your Head (Crux/None Remain). Track 5 is listed as being "from forthcoming split 7"EP with (band name deleted) on Endless Blockades", which I believe was supposed to be a split with Straightjacket Nation that never happened. All these songs were re-recorded for the hugely underrated "First Past The Last Post" LP (which is still available! Get it!).


Draft Dodger - Cabin Fever Demo (2003)

Draft Dodger - Cabin Fever Demo. Self-released, 2003.

1. Cinder Blocks
2. Fistfull of Dollars
3. Diplomacy Has Been Ailed
4. Deleted Scenes
5. Second Verse Same as the First
6. The I in Riot
7. Pressure (Negative Approach)
8. Draft Dodger Slept Our Way to the Bottom
9. Superficial Love (T.S.O.L)
10. Man Hands (Farmers Handshake)
11. Theme from Draft Dodger

First, harder to find (they like it that way), demo from QLD's Draft Dodger. Chris on guitar instead of Ben. One of the best bands to come out of that punk-forsaken state (at least three of which feature Neil Bramley on vocals!) and it was shit they broke up, but it's ok 'cause we have Teargas now.


Masstrauma - Demo (2006)

Masstrauma - Demo 3"CD. Self-released, 2006.

1. Microwaves and Lazerbeams
2. Get Rejected
3. Vultures
4. Rank Organisation
5. Habitual Line Stepper
6. Cast Away

Masstrauma was Fingers (vocals), Tristan (guitar), Kas (guitar), Alicia (bass) and Aaron (drums). They were an awesome, though short-lived, scandi-influenced hardcore band from Sydney. I recommend their vastly superior 7", "The Adoration of The Devil's Arse" and the split 7" with White Male Dumbinance, both on Missing Link.
Fingers was in Three Found Dead with Tristan, and after this in Fashion (a UK band of ex-pat Australians). Alicia moved to melbourne and joined Diamond Sea. Kas joined Deathcage playing drums before Deano. Tristan did Hee Haw. Aaron is still intermittently playing with Pure Evil Trio and as Un aka Turds Of Prey.


Friday, July 23, 2010

A Death In The Family - Demo (2004)

A Death In The Family - Demo. Poison City Records, (PCR-002) 2004.

1. Ends Never Meet
2. Sink We Swim
3. Gasping
4. Red Sky
5. Darling Monkey

They're playing this Friday at the Sando with The Nation Blue so...
All these tracks were re-recorded for the debut album "This Microscopic War" but I still have a certain fondness for these early versions. I was a bit worried when Sarah left the band (after this demo and the first album), but they redeemed themselves by getting Jamie Hay from Conation/Fear Like Us as a replacement. Atom also played in Days Of Iris (and Identity Theft for a bit), Andy in Fast Times and Matt in H-Block.



Releases in-stock...
"Origins" 10" $18
"Origins" CD $12
"Small Town Stories" LP $25
"This Microscopic War" CD $10
"This Microscopic War" LP $25
Split LP with Manifesto Jukebox $15

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Identity Theft - New World Odour (2000)

Identity Theft - New World Odour. Deplorable Records, (DEP-12) 2000.

1. Let Me Know
2. Just Begun
3. New World Odour
4. Dust
5. Blind Decay
6. Herald Scum
7. Bon Scott
8. Warren Commission



Featuring fellows from Mid Youth Crisis/One Inch Punch, Heads Kicked Off, Unit 1174, The Kill, Fuck...I'm Dead, Shallow Grave, Forza Liandri, Coue Method and many, many more. They changed line-ups a few times over the years, even breaking up for a period, but this debut sees them at their absolute finest. Catchy, melodic but fast with unhinged screaming and blast-beats. Love it.
1000 pressed, sold out. Hopefully will appear on vinyl one day...
They've got a new-ish album you should check out, "Masonic Youth", still not as good as this though! Playing again too, yay.

Necrotardation Tribute (2002)

Necrotardation Tribute. Deplorable Records, (DEP-10) 2002.

1. Biceptasaurus - Children of The Very Wicked
2. Spazz - Raise Your Sword to The Dark Lord
3. Charcoal Human - Mole
4. Omnium Gatherum - Irate Oration
5. Useless I.D - Ultra-Masonic Goat Robots (Crazy Goat 666)
6. Misery - Good for Nothing
7. Atom & His Package - Me and My Black Metal Friends
8. Identity Theft - Bon Scott Rocker Dude
9. Miscreation - Prone to Possession
10. Iron Sausage - Breakdown in Communication / Just Do it
11. Brain Resin - Empty Schizoid
12. Rakhsokok - Carpe Die (Permanent Rest)
13. Exhibit A - Crazy Train / Push it
14. Stitchface - Spice Troopers of Death
15. Your Mother - Toxic Waltz (Exodus)
16. Ghettoblaster - While Angels Caress Lava
17. Murder - Null and Void
18. Volatile - Blues, Booze & BBQ's
19. Gritter - For Those About To Grind We Salute You
20. Love Songs - No Pants Party
21. Elbow Deep - The Saw is Family
22. S.M.E.S - No Life (Total Death)


Glenn Smith


Comp CD of "tributes to" and "cover versions" that came free with the Necrotardation comic by Glenn Smith. Still available! (not many left though).

PLF#4 / Deplorable Records Comp (2003)

Personality Liberation Front #4 / Deplorable Records compilation CD, (DEP-20) 2003.

1. Conation - They've Come This Far Why The Fuck Should They Go Back Now? (demo)
2. Bjelke-Petersen Youth - Pliant (Left For Dead)
3. St. Albans Kids - An Exercise in Self-Affirmation
4. Schifosi - Wealth of Soil
5. The Stockholm Syndrome - Pen and Paper as a Safety Harness
6. George W. Bush - Fix Me (Black Flag)
7. The Spitz - Tell Me Something True
8. Heartfeltself - Consumer Hopefuls
9. Identity Theft - Warren Commission
10. Charcoal Human - Dissident
11. Far Left Limit - Need No Explanation
12. Widow/Orphan - if Closets are for Clothes I'm a Fucking Trenchcoat
13. Iron Sausage - Convenience Stuffs / Democratic Disease
14. Love Like...Electrocution - With Horses in Her Eyes, She Spat Like a Wildcat
15. Headless Horsemen - Born to Die
16. Terror Firma - Young and Free? (demo)
17. Upside Down Flag - Small Man, Big Mouth (Minor Threat)
18. Staying At Home - Jettison
19. Worse Off - Constant Damage
20. Encryptor - I-You-We-Dead
21. Theory Of Flight - Illusionary
22. Things Fall Apart - Tide
23. Open Wound - More Than Entertainment
24. Cross Eyed Hate - Whitebelt Wipeout
25. Days Of Iris - Less Than All
26. Deadstare - Tooth & Nail (Chokehold)
27. The Nation Blue - The Day The Banks Went Under
28. Pure Evil Trio - Crushed Beneath the Weight of My Own Insignificance
29. Fuck...I'm Dead - Barefoot and Shitfaced
30. Us Versus Them - I Should Have Chosen Impulse


Comp CD that came free with issue #4 of Personality Liberation Front (which I think was the last?). Weirdly caused a mild controversy at the time, mainly because of the zine's feminist slant and an article on herbal abortion. Really great mix of the best local bands of the period that still sounds good today (I reckon). Few otherwise still unreleased tracks too. 500 pressed originally, then Beating Hearts did another 50-100 after that, all gone now. There is also an old interview with Kylie from 2004 here. She does a blog now but I can't rember what it is...sorry.

For some reason the Schifosi track was missing. It's fixed now, but if you already downloaded the whole thing just the missing track is here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers - EP (2007)

The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers - 3"CDEP. Self-released, 2007.

1. Religious Wars (Subhumans)
2. Burn The Flag
3. State Control (Discharge)
4. Makhno
5. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Discharge)
6. Right to Strike

This is an odd little one but I'm into it. I know next to nothing about them except that they are a 2 piece comprised of Commander X and Commander Y, one of whom is Iain McIntyre of The Hatchetmen, Ninetynine and many more. Synth-pop kinda stuff but they cover Subhumans and Discharge (twice!) so they're down with the punx y'know. Not certain, but I think Kleber Claux was a french Anarchist/Nudist fellow, no doubt worth memorialising with song. Fun.

"...Coming at you straight out of Coburg The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers play anarcho casio pop and analogue synthesizer punk to set the masses' hearts afire! Having toured the UK, Finland, France and the Netherlands in 2007 The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers have recently had a track "State Control" appear on the latest Unbelievably Bad zine CD. Look forward to seeing you at an Aussie gig soon!"



Adam Lees - Duct #2 (2003)

Adam Lees - Duct #2: Even Artichokes Have Hearts. Self-released, 2003.

1. Corona
2. Armwrestle
3. Oh, Twenty One!
4. French Sounds Romantic
5. The Significance of Faces in Dreams
6. With The World Against You
7. Endsong

The second, and last, in a series of old-ish home-recording experiments from Adam Lees of Lungs, Oh Messy Life, Staying At Home and Animal Shapes (among others). Check out Duct #1 here. Probably a bit more considered than the last effort, but no less charming. I like.


Both Lungs and Animal Shapes have new albums out now!

Adam Lees - Duct #1 (2003)

Adam Lees - Duct #1: You Can Hear The Computer Breathing. Self-released, 2003.

1. Whirlwinds
2. Tricks With Mirrors
3. The Stephen St. Tree
4. Does Anyone Know CPR?
5. Piscean
6. Journal Pages

So, Adam Lees (of Staying At Home, Lungs, Oh! Messy Life and more recently Animal Shapes) is really good at writing tech-y little pop-songs...and a bit of a genius...and a work-a-holic.
Years ago when Deplorable Records put out the St. Albans Kids 3"CD it was delayed, so we bought a whole bunch of 3"cd-r's and hand-painted covers for the launch. There were a handful of blanks left over afterwards so they were passed on to Adam who emerged from his bedroom a few weeks later with this little gem of a solo project, soon followed by #2 (to be posted shortly). All home-recorded & played by him (in one day I believe) towards the end of Staying At Home, they are more like demos and experiments than his usual perfectionism. I'm still quite fond of these and hardly anyone seems to have heard them. So here they are...enjoy.


The Faux Hawks - The Rats EP (2006)

The Faux Hawks - The Rats EP. Self-released 2006.

1. Intro
2. Gotta Save Ourselves
3. The Rats
4. Cut The Cord
5. Revenge (Black Flag)

A great hardcore band from Sydney via Newcastle (I think they probably would claim NCHC...but Sydney needs to claim as many as we can get). Weren't around for very long i guess, this is their 2nd demo (available on cassette and 3"CD in small quantity) and they also had a split 7" with Hard Luck which is probably their best stuff. This is good, if a bit messy, stuff though. Recorded at RTN with Geoff Mullard who also busts out some lead breaks on "Revenge". Members went on to do things with Repoman, Taipan, Fattura Della Morte and no doubt some others that escape me now.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Infinite Void - Demo (2010)

Infinite Void - Demo. Self-released, 2010.
1. Drawn in
2. Something is Lost
3. Creeping Symmetry
4. What's Left

This is basically the same as the one that they posted a link to on their myspace. I just added the artwork and stuff and put it in a folder for convenience...contact them for a copy.
I like this band a lot. Ex-Diamond Sea/Schifosi et al from Melbourne. Hopefully they'll come up and play soon, really looking forward to seeing them live.



Also check out Tangent Circles.

Friday, July 9, 2010

FH (A.C.T) / Jem+Defektro (Vic-Japan) & more 17.07.10

FH (aka Fvckhorse) (A.C.T)
Jem + Defektro collaboration (Vic/Japan)
Spew Your Guts Up (Newie)

Saturday 17th July. 1pm. $5.

Fangs Of... (Vic) / Maus & more 16.07.10

Fangs Of... (Vic)
Un aka Turds Of Prey

Friday 16th July. 4pm. $5.

Early friday show! Be on time! Getting a quick one in before Fangs Of play with The Hard-Ons at The Annandale later that evening. Un aka Turds Of Prey is Aaron from Pure Evil/Ether Rag being a knob twiddler. Blackie is Blackie. From Hard-Ons/Nunchuka Superfly. Doing...something, I'm not sure yet.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Helta Skelta - Parasite Demo (2010)

1. Static
2. Black Meat
3. Parasite
4. Get it Away (SSD)

From W.A. Played here on the weekend and were pretty fantastic. Demo not as great as they were live (when are they ever?) but still worthy. I believe this was originally limited to 50 on cassette, but they also did a few cd-r's for the tour.


Contact them for copies (they sold out over here) or a nice shirt or something. I would be very surprised if they did not put out something else soon too. Look out for it.

Helta Skelta

Free music

Just a couple of mediafire archives with loads of stuff (great, good & bad)...including lots of Australian stuff, even some of our releases...steal away. They've been up a while I think, but everything I tried still works. Thanks uploader. Adding more archives soon...