Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Matt Banham / Sarah Chadwick & more 23.10.10

Matt Banham (No Through Road)
Sarah Chadwick (Batrider)
Sam Shinazzi
East River
Scissor Lock

Saturday 23rd October. 6pm. $7.

No Such Luck (CD Launch) & more 02.10.10

No Such Luck (Less Fashion, More Thrashin' CD launch)
Nudist Colonies Of The World
Michael Crafter

Saturday 2nd October. 2pm. $5.
(It seems maybe Facebreaker are playing instead of Fistmouth now. I dunno. Nobody tells me anything. Maybe they just changed their name or something (to an equally bad one). What's with these fucking atrocious band names anyway...)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Organ Doner Kebab - Fun For The Kids (2004)

Organ Doner Kebab - Fun For The Kids CD-R. Shriek Sounds (SHRIEK-002), 2004.

1. We Are The New New Romantics
2. Fishing for a Compliment
3. Take Me Out Tonight
4. Preparing for Hibernation
5. The Haircut Police
6. Spore Spasm
7. The Elderly
8. The Newcastle Knights Don't Support Me, So Why the Fuck Should I Support The Newcastle Knights?
9. Book Attack (Scholastic Deth)
10. Anything
11. TMNT
12. Waiting for the Day That Your Head Will Grow Too Big for Your Body and You'll Topple into an Open Coffin

Another Newcastle band. By request! Ex-XhockeytemperX and Faster Than Falling. Pre-Alps (yep it's Chris) and Hot Girls. Listening back to this now I'm really into it, a few too many breakdowns and slow bits maybe but overall pretty raging in an awesome juvenile way. Also plenty of emo lyrical (perhaps unintentional) genius.
CD did indeed come with a booklet to colour in with the (black) pencil provided in the spine. Featuring diagrams of all your essesntial hardcore dance moves.


Fear Like Us - Demo (2004)

Fear Like Us - Demo CD. Self-released, 2004.

1. Neo (Deceptor) Cons
2. Into the Sunset on My High Horse
3. I Ain't Marching Anymore (Phil Ochs)
4. When We Close Our Eyes to Cross Streets
5. The Biting Cold
6. Music & Movement

Originally from Newcastle, relocated to Melbourne.
Even before CONATION broke up Jamie Hay had begun playing acoustic, sometimes solo, sometimes he and Dale would do acoustic Conation sets when Murray was away with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF. So after they broke up he hooked up with Kim and then Babs and FEAR LIKE US was born. I really like this first demo (possibly more than the album). Great recording and the vocals are a bit gruffer or something. Good stuff.



POISON CITY (put out the full length!)

Mutiny - Bodgy Tatts EP (1996)

Mutiny - Bodgy Tatts EP. Self-released, 1996.

1. Bodgy Tatts
2. Here's to Adventure
3. Freaks in Town
4. Move Along
5. Banjo Tatts

"Folk Punk for Punk Folk" as the sticker goes. Mutiny were/are great. This is an early EP from the golden days (olden days?) lineup. Most tracks were on the "Rum Rebellion" album but I still like cracking out this quick one...



In The Spirit Of Total Resistance comp (1997)

In The Spirit Of Total Resistance: Leonard Peltier Benefit comp CD. Barricade Books/Spiral Objective/Black Rose, 1997.

1. James Brooks - Sad ain't Bad
2. Mutiny - Knife
3. Santoka - Watch for Me on The Mountain
4. Bastard Squad - Social Categories
5. Walsh Street Cop Killers - Manipulation
6. Undertone - New Plague
7. Yokel - Life's Way
8. Corruption - Innocent Victim
9. Two Year Olds - We're The Band
10. Wonderfeel - The All
11. Hate Is Enough - Saturday Night
12. Nihilstic View - Patriot
13. Self Reliance - Time is Up
14. Next Step - Fighback
15. Multiple Insertions - Astronaut
16. Webworks Animal Band - Letter to Pauline
17. Matmos - City of Light
18. Bilious Scum - Orbost Bob
19. Poo Poo & The Million Dollar Men - Doo
20. Ninetynine - Car Song
21. New Waver - A Wreck & a Queer
22. San Jose Cow Muzak - Feeling
23. Kokoshkar - Father is Dead
24. H-Block - DIY
25. Aardvark - Swanhead
26. Stand Against - Tortured
27. Copyright - Everyone Sucks

Extremely varied comp put together as a benefit for A.I.M (The American Indian Movement) and Leonard Peltier. I always found it odd that everyone would be so involved in a benefit for an American movement. International solidarity and all is fine and good, but it's not like the Australian Indigenous "movement" was recieving anywhere near the support that was needed at that time (still isn't). It seemed to me that Australian punks and activists suffered from such an intense cultural cringe that we couldn't even benefit our own causes!
Also curious whether money was made? How much? Did it get to A.I.M?
Anyway, a few great bands. Some good ones and...others. Overall a good comp.


Noisam & Redstain - South Pacific Contamination (1996)

Noisam & Redstain - South Pacific Contamination split CD. Snapshot, 1996.


1. Answering the Call
2. Gas Attack
3. Shame About Ray
4. Raping the Antarctic
5. No Chance
6. Inebrious Bastard
7. Bred in Captivity
8. Bent Edge
9. Nightmare Remains
10. Act
11. Despise
12. My Plight
13. Beyond Control
14. System Slaves
15. Beer...


16. San Man En
17. Battle of End
18. Stand Up & Against
19. Mr Kobayashi
20. Ikkyu San
21. Don't Die
22. Brain Cell War
23. Remember
24. Loser
25. Freedom
26. KX3
27. Company
28. I Want You
29. Meal
30. Reality

Two old (does 15 years or so ago qualify as old? Seems like it) Sydney bands from around about when I first started going to shows and getting into local punk and hardcore. Don't know much about them however, NOISAM had members of SUBVERSION. I think one/some of em might be in INEBRIOUS BASTARD now? More info please!
Danny from REDSTAIN (Sydney's one-time resident Jap-core band) can be found doing blazing guitar solos and human pyramids in DEATHCAGE (Sydney's new resident Jap-core band, though with a few less actual Japanese people than REDSTAIN).
Fairly rudimentary recording with that kinda annoying thin, metal guitar sound everyone seemed to suffer from/enjoy at the time. Still pretty ripping stuff though.


Conation & Fuck All The Human Filth split 7" (1998)

Conation & Fuck All The Human Filth - Split 7". Paranoise, 1998.

1. Fuck All The Human Filth - 20
2. Fuck All The Human Filth - 22
3. Fuck All The Human Filth - 23
4. Fuck All The Human Filth - 25
5. Conation - No More Tears
6. Conation - Educate
7. Conation - Dying Inside
8. Conation - Corporate Killing
9. Conation - Good Government
10. Conation - Stepping on Hands
11. Conation - Who Gives a Fuck

Ok. So Conation were amazing. I loved them lots, as many people did. This was their first release (actually, there might have been a demo or something but anyway...). Sound is pretty atrocious on this. After all the 7"s were gone, they put out a bunch of cd-r's to use up the covers which is where these tracks are taken from. I'm starting to think it might be better to rip it straight from vinyl.
FATHF fare a bit better suprisingly. Good old-fashioned powerviolence stylings. Besides this they had another 7" that I know of. Petros was in ARSEPISS, FASTARD and THE POLISH CAVALRY with Muz. Probably lots more. Also someone was in CONATION at some stage as well.

So. DO NOT download if this is your first exposure to Conation. At least do not use these songs as a guide to what they sound like. For the curious and for archival purposes only! We'll upload later, better, recordings soon enough. Will try and transfer the other FATHF 7" at some stage too.

(Each side appears as 1 track in download)

Deadstare - The Sloppy Sessions (2001)

Deadstare - The Sloppy Sessions (Unreleased) 2001.

1. Can't Don't Won't
2. Renovation
3. Dying for Attention
4. Subscribe
5. 5 Days of Shit (no vocals)
6. Split Second
7. Gasp for Breath
8. Time's Up
9. Fetch The Baltak
10. Down for the Count (Charles Bronson)
11. Eradicate Society
12. Tooth and Nail (Chokehold)

Unreleased (mostly), half-finished session abandoned midway due to a general lack of enthusiasm I guess. The Charles Bronson cover appears on The Personality Liberation Front/Deplorable Records comp and 1 or 2 others ended up on a comp that PC records put out that I can't seem to find at the moment...
Great band. Fantastic live. Their finest recorded moment being the split 7" with Far Left Limit on Deploable/Gash. The first 7" on Shortfuse is pretty good too, both way out of print though.
Brett did for TAKING SIDES for a bit, then BLACK FUCKING EYE, now HAD IT. Butters played guitar for THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME then moved to Newcastle (I think?). Pete quit Deadstare to play in TOE TO TOE and was in other bands that escape me. Rob was in BLEEDING FACE and is now in ETHER RAG. John was also in THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, then BLACK FUCKING EYE for a bit, and now plays drums in FATTURA DELLA MORTE and 4 DEAD.