Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Sydney pub venues are shithouse

So, Sydney's pub venues seem to be limited to the following...

The Sando: Apparently endorses their blatantly racist door policy 100 percent (and threaten to sue anyone who says otherwise). Sounds like shit despite massive p.a.
Bald face Stag (aka the Wall - what? fucking tryhards): Start altercations, call cops, don't pay bands. Dickheads.
Town & Country: Absolutely shit area for bands to play. No fun.

Why do you book shows at these places? (I mean YOU. Old dudes. Hard-ons, Chinese Burns unit, Glen Zombie dog, Graham resist et al). I know options are limited, but that to me just exemplifies how much we need to find alternatives (and we're not naive enough to think we offer that ourselves, it's obvious we need a larger venue that actually supports bands and doesn't just pretend too (hello sando!).

Whilst I can't offer alternatives at this point, I can only hope people booking shows will book them at places people actually want to go to and support.
That's all for now.

*Yeah, there's the townie. But seriously, it's the fucking townie.
*Fuuuuccckkkk the landsdowne.
*The Annandale ceased to be relevant for local bands that aren't you am i years ago. Plus they're so totally up themselves it's unbearable.


  1. excellent rant! we all have a responsibility to find and create new spaces to play music in. we shouldn't rely on venues whose policies we don't agree with.

  2. but you don't agree with anyone jon! ;-)