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Violent Hornsby Straightedge compilation (2000)

Violent Hornsby Straightedge compilation. Snapshot, 2000.
18.8mins // 40.79mb // 320kbps

1. Meataxe - Asshole Drug
2. Meataxe - Lukecrew vs. Kevindefence
3. Meataxe - Drunk Fuck
4. Meataxe - Thought You Were sXe
5. Meataxe - Spy vs. Spy (Feed Me)
6. Spastic Van - Hardcore Westie
7. Spastic Van - Bad Skate Unit
8. Spastic Van - Spastic Van
9. V.B.S - Garbage Face Lisa
10. V.B.S - Adrian
11. V.B.S - Poor Smug Bum Sex
12. Fistfull - Menuni
13. Fistfull - Have a Good One
14. Fistfull - Mr. Myagi
15. Nintendo Police - I Could Not Name
16. Nintendo Police - Dead Again


More thrash. Less mosh.
I don't know anyone who doesn't smirk just a little at the thought of "violent straightedge" in Hornsby, but I think that was kinda the point (could be wrong though, they might have been deadly serious! But remember this was put out by jay Snapshot. Not exactly a sXe warrior). Seemed to be a pretty self-contained "scene" of close friends fucking around and just, well, having fun. Shows at Hornsby PCYC used to be great. Alot of these people are still playing around in various bands.

Meataxe were: Damien/guitar, Mong/drums.
Spastic Van were: Oldskool/vocals, Dave Ward/guitar, Chris Shields/bass, Mong/drums.
V.B.S were: Mitch/vocals, Tyler/guitar, Nathan/guitar, Mark Smith/bass, Jason/drums.
Fistfull were: XchrisfullX/vocals, Cheeze Weasal/bass, Xsnocone ariX/guitar, Septic Davo/drums.
Nintendo Police were: Davesout/vocals, Shogun/guitar, Gabi/bass, Xsnocone ariX/drums.

Royal Headache fetishists should note Tim plays guitar in Nintendo Police and Chris sings for Fistfull...and here's a rant about NP...

Nintendo Police were a Hornsby-based hardcore band that formed in 1996 and broke up in 2000 (but have reformed for the odd reunion show since). Inspired by bands such as Bad Brains, MDC, DRI, Beastie Boys, and also citing 'skateboarding in shopping centre carparks' as one of their major influences, Nintendo Police were very much a documentation of suburban angst and other teenage experiences.

Dave, Tim and Ari all now play in Baltic. Dave previously also played in Headless Horsemen, Tim has also played in Guts and Dot Dot Dot, and Ari has been in Worse Off and Arkanoid.

Nintendo Police myspace
You can download the Nintendo Police album here

Snapshot records myspace

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  1. and anyone who still wants a copy of this cd can pick it up in the tenzenmen distro!