Friday, February 4, 2011

Twin City Faction - We Are The... (2003)

Twin City Faction - We Are The... // DIY or Die (DIY-01), 2003.
53.96mb // 20.7mins // 320kbps

1. Cutting Corners
2. Machines Make it Possible...(People Make it Happen)
3. If You Want Art...Go to a Fucking Museum!
4. Johnny's Been Drinking
5. When Will it Stop?
6. She Shoots Pistols
7. World Stops Turning
8. This Bomb Rocks!

Great, underrated (well, people liked em, but still), hardcore band from the Northern Beaches in Sydney. More Born Against, less Sick Of It All (as all good hardcore should be. I still remember fondly the "hardkaw-dewd" shopping for records who got all excited when he picked up Born Against only for it to turn to dismay as he listened to it. "I thought they were a hardcore punk band" he proclaimed in disgust, but I digress). All flailing limbs, flying instruments and sweat-plastered walls, they were nothing if not an explosive (an oft overused, but relevant term here) live band. This is their first, self-recorded & self-released efort and it remains my favourite even though they undeniably got better in later years. Chris (and John a bit later on from memory) were in legendary (yep, I just decided they were) cult-hardcore Sydney band Subversion.

From their old site...

Here's a quick rundown of what we all be up too since the demise of TCF!
Chris - Chillin' being the rockin' husband he is and workin' like a dog as per usual! Has a band in the works with his wife Kati called The Students who hopefully will get some stuff down this year. (*Not sure if this eventuated, i'd like to hear it if it did though!)
Jimmy - Recording the new Grand Fatal album aswell as starting a new band with fellow TCF members DG / Grant.. More to come on that soon as still at very early stages. (*He's in EPICS now too, and BRAVE THE BURRITO)
Johnny - Recently joined up with Grant's thrash band FRANK RIZZO on bass after a recent line up change in the RIZZO camp. (*He's now doing UNKNOWN TO GOD with folks from OMNICIDE and NOISAM (I think?)
DG - Still doing his FIREBRAND electro band with Matty Rizzo aswell as jamming in the new band with Jimmy/Grant and Matty Rizzo. (*New band was/is GENE POOL SHARKS)
Grant - Doing way too many bands as usual: The Future Device, Arcane, Frank Rizzo, Violent Abuse, aswell as the new band with Jimmy/DG and Matty Rizzo." (*GENE POOL SHARKS again)

Will post more stuff shortly when it's dug out...I'd like to get a hold of the rumoured unreleased stuff as well (please?). For now, apart from this, there is an otherwise unreleased Black Sabbath cover on the Unbelievably Bad comp for download here.


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