Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Organ Doner Kebab - Fun For The Kids (2004)

Organ Doner Kebab - Fun For The Kids CD-R. Shriek Sounds (SHRIEK-002), 2004.

1. We Are The New New Romantics
2. Fishing for a Compliment
3. Take Me Out Tonight
4. Preparing for Hibernation
5. The Haircut Police
6. Spore Spasm
7. The Elderly
8. The Newcastle Knights Don't Support Me, So Why the Fuck Should I Support The Newcastle Knights?
9. Book Attack (Scholastic Deth)
10. Anything
11. TMNT
12. Waiting for the Day That Your Head Will Grow Too Big for Your Body and You'll Topple into an Open Coffin

Another Newcastle band. By request! Ex-XhockeytemperX and Faster Than Falling. Pre-Alps (yep it's Chris) and Hot Girls. Listening back to this now I'm really into it, a few too many breakdowns and slow bits maybe but overall pretty raging in an awesome juvenile way. Also plenty of emo lyrical (perhaps unintentional) genius.
CD did indeed come with a booklet to colour in with the (black) pencil provided in the spine. Featuring diagrams of all your essesntial hardcore dance moves.


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