Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Noisam & Redstain - South Pacific Contamination (1996)

Noisam & Redstain - South Pacific Contamination split CD. Snapshot, 1996.


1. Answering the Call
2. Gas Attack
3. Shame About Ray
4. Raping the Antarctic
5. No Chance
6. Inebrious Bastard
7. Bred in Captivity
8. Bent Edge
9. Nightmare Remains
10. Act
11. Despise
12. My Plight
13. Beyond Control
14. System Slaves
15. Beer...


16. San Man En
17. Battle of End
18. Stand Up & Against
19. Mr Kobayashi
20. Ikkyu San
21. Don't Die
22. Brain Cell War
23. Remember
24. Loser
25. Freedom
26. KX3
27. Company
28. I Want You
29. Meal
30. Reality

Two old (does 15 years or so ago qualify as old? Seems like it) Sydney bands from around about when I first started going to shows and getting into local punk and hardcore. Don't know much about them however, NOISAM had members of SUBVERSION. I think one/some of em might be in INEBRIOUS BASTARD now? More info please!
Danny from REDSTAIN (Sydney's one-time resident Jap-core band) can be found doing blazing guitar solos and human pyramids in DEATHCAGE (Sydney's new resident Jap-core band, though with a few less actual Japanese people than REDSTAIN).
Fairly rudimentary recording with that kinda annoying thin, metal guitar sound everyone seemed to suffer from/enjoy at the time. Still pretty ripping stuff though.


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