Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In The Spirit Of Total Resistance comp (1997)

In The Spirit Of Total Resistance: Leonard Peltier Benefit comp CD. Barricade Books/Spiral Objective/Black Rose, 1997.

1. James Brooks - Sad ain't Bad
2. Mutiny - Knife
3. Santoka - Watch for Me on The Mountain
4. Bastard Squad - Social Categories
5. Walsh Street Cop Killers - Manipulation
6. Undertone - New Plague
7. Yokel - Life's Way
8. Corruption - Innocent Victim
9. Two Year Olds - We're The Band
10. Wonderfeel - The All
11. Hate Is Enough - Saturday Night
12. Nihilstic View - Patriot
13. Self Reliance - Time is Up
14. Next Step - Fighback
15. Multiple Insertions - Astronaut
16. Webworks Animal Band - Letter to Pauline
17. Matmos - City of Light
18. Bilious Scum - Orbost Bob
19. Poo Poo & The Million Dollar Men - Doo
20. Ninetynine - Car Song
21. New Waver - A Wreck & a Queer
22. San Jose Cow Muzak - Feeling
23. Kokoshkar - Father is Dead
24. H-Block - DIY
25. Aardvark - Swanhead
26. Stand Against - Tortured
27. Copyright - Everyone Sucks

Extremely varied comp put together as a benefit for A.I.M (The American Indian Movement) and Leonard Peltier. I always found it odd that everyone would be so involved in a benefit for an American movement. International solidarity and all is fine and good, but it's not like the Australian Indigenous "movement" was recieving anywhere near the support that was needed at that time (still isn't). It seemed to me that Australian punks and activists suffered from such an intense cultural cringe that we couldn't even benefit our own causes!
Also curious whether money was made? How much? Did it get to A.I.M?
Anyway, a few great bands. Some good ones and...others. Overall a good comp.


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