Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deadstare - The Sloppy Sessions (2001)

Deadstare - The Sloppy Sessions (Unreleased) 2001.

1. Can't Don't Won't
2. Renovation
3. Dying for Attention
4. Subscribe
5. 5 Days of Shit (no vocals)
6. Split Second
7. Gasp for Breath
8. Time's Up
9. Fetch The Baltak
10. Down for the Count (Charles Bronson)
11. Eradicate Society
12. Tooth and Nail (Chokehold)

Unreleased (mostly), half-finished session abandoned midway due to a general lack of enthusiasm I guess. The Charles Bronson cover appears on The Personality Liberation Front/Deplorable Records comp and 1 or 2 others ended up on a comp that PC records put out that I can't seem to find at the moment...
Great band. Fantastic live. Their finest recorded moment being the split 7" with Far Left Limit on Deploable/Gash. The first 7" on Shortfuse is pretty good too, both way out of print though.
Brett did for TAKING SIDES for a bit, then BLACK FUCKING EYE, now HAD IT. Butters played guitar for THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME then moved to Newcastle (I think?). Pete quit Deadstare to play in TOE TO TOE and was in other bands that escape me. Rob was in BLEEDING FACE and is now in ETHER RAG. John was also in THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, then BLACK FUCKING EYE for a bit, and now plays drums in FATTURA DELLA MORTE and 4 DEAD.


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