Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Conation & Fuck All The Human Filth split 7" (1998)

Conation & Fuck All The Human Filth - Split 7". Paranoise, 1998.

1. Fuck All The Human Filth - 20
2. Fuck All The Human Filth - 22
3. Fuck All The Human Filth - 23
4. Fuck All The Human Filth - 25
5. Conation - No More Tears
6. Conation - Educate
7. Conation - Dying Inside
8. Conation - Corporate Killing
9. Conation - Good Government
10. Conation - Stepping on Hands
11. Conation - Who Gives a Fuck

Ok. So Conation were amazing. I loved them lots, as many people did. This was their first release (actually, there might have been a demo or something but anyway...). Sound is pretty atrocious on this. After all the 7"s were gone, they put out a bunch of cd-r's to use up the covers which is where these tracks are taken from. I'm starting to think it might be better to rip it straight from vinyl.
FATHF fare a bit better suprisingly. Good old-fashioned powerviolence stylings. Besides this they had another 7" that I know of. Petros was in ARSEPISS, FASTARD and THE POLISH CAVALRY with Muz. Probably lots more. Also someone was in CONATION at some stage as well.

So. DO NOT download if this is your first exposure to Conation. At least do not use these songs as a guide to what they sound like. For the curious and for archival purposes only! We'll upload later, better, recordings soon enough. Will try and transfer the other FATHF 7" at some stage too.

(Each side appears as 1 track in download)

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