Wednesday, August 25, 2010

St. Albans Kids - Late Night Excursions... (2002)

St. Albans Kids - Late Night Excursions Into Urban Wastelands 3"CD. Deplorable Recordings / Kickstart My Heart (DEP-018 / KSMH-01) 2002.

1. Dance on Road, Dance on Street, Dance on Face (An Introduction)
2. I Am Hip Hop
3. Last Drinks at The Modernist Hotel
4. The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola
5. Barthes for Breakfast
6. And With That...Summer's Kids Turned Into Winter's Adults
7. Seducing and Outdated Model of Youth Enragement (Necrophilia! Necrophilia!)


Great Adelaide band, from a "post-Spiral Objective" time when that scene was pretty much dominated by supremely shit jock arseholes parading as hawdkaw "dudes" (probably still is? A childhood of religious fanatacism in the City of Churches doesn't generally make for a very forward-thinking "youf" music scene).
All arty/wordy refrences and "appropriated" lyrics a la Catharsis or Orchid, which made them prime targets for derision by aforementioned numb-skulls. After this, Tom did Love Like...Electrocution, and Macgyver Taxi Driver with Lachlan for a few shows, then became a lawyer or something. Lachlan moved to Wollongong (then Sydney) did Aphra Behn, Burke & Wills, Crux and is now in Naked On The Vague. Nick also moved to W'gong did Burke & Wills, then moved to Brisbane and did State Funeral aka Omission From God which was a kinda pre-Teargas band...last seen being a cowboy somewhere. Too many drummers to mention right now.
They also released a split 7" with George W. Bush (taken from this same session)on Gash Records (out of print) and a split 7" with Off Minor on Appliances & Cars (still available!). Also had tracks on the Personality Liberation Front/Deplorable Records comp and the Kickstart My Heart Japanese/Australian comp.

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