Wednesday, August 25, 2010

St. Albans Kids - Demo (2001)

St. Albans Kids - Demo CD-R. Crash!!! Audio 2001.

1. Dialogue With a Consumer Product
2. Taking Pot-Shots at Dead Bodies
3. The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola
4. Bridging Feldman and Foucault
5. An Exercise in Self Affirmation
6. (Outro)


Ok, so this is only being posted for "archival purposes" really...bodgy as fuck rehearsal recording which for the most part was properly (well, as "proper" as you might imagine) re-recorded later on. Not sure what Crash!!! Audio was...probably someone from the band's early label.

Band name is taken from the movie "Flirting" (sequel of sorts to the wonderful "The Year My Voice Broke") with Noah Taylor and Nicole Kidman. There's a scene where Noah Taylor is sneaking into the girls boarding house window and someone screams "Ah! It's a man!" followed by "Nah, it's just a St. Albans Kid."

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