Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Iron Sausage - Not A Lot About Nothing (1999)

Iron Sausage - Not A Lot About Nothing CD. Chaotic Thoughts / Carnival Of The Animals (CHAOS.D&K-05) 1999.

1. Nothing New
2. Pocket Gameboy
3. I Complain, My Friends Complain. Why the Fuck Don't You Complain?
4. Ode to Howard's Stooges
5. TV the Drug of the Masses
6. Mine is Bigger Than Yours
7. Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia?
8. Heroin and Other Addictive Drugs are Undermining all the Basic Principles in Our Society
9. Wasted
10. 3 Day BBQ
11. I Participate, You Participate, She, He & Animals Participate. They Profit.
12. What Can You Do About it
13. No Excuses, Buddy
14. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
15. Plastic Fish Food
16. No Thoughts at All
17. Stinky Britches
18. Means to an End
19. I Used to Be Straight Edge...Only Back Then We Called it Boys Brigade
20. The Jabiluka Manuka
21. Shame, Shame, Shame
22. Middle Finger Response (Propagandhi)

This "grind-but-political, angry-but-fun" Sydney favourite originally came in fancy silk-screened cloth (not hessian, unfortunately, but close enough) bags with a big booklet full of partially-legible lyrics, Winston Smith/DK's-style collage and vegan recipes!* Released on Danny from Red Stain's (now Deathcage) label, Chaotic Thoughts, as a split release with Carnival Of The Animals, which was Iron Sausage's own label (though I think this was all they put out?). 1000 pressed but a fair few got all mouldy and fucked up. For a band that was around a few years that people actually liked they didn't release all that much...besides this there was the 7" on Deplorable and a few comp tracks. They did, however, record a shitload of songs and amongst demos and live stuff there's at least one whole unreleased session that from memory included the planned Star Wars-themed 7" that never eventuated.
John now plays with Chinese Burns Unit, Pure Evil Trio, Black Vat Trio and probably other things. He also played in Scum System Kill and even Mutiny for a bit. Ed took some drugs, did Cerebral Posse, disowned hardcore and disappeared. Fred played in some bands since (Epileptic Fitness? That Hypno-Toad one?) and is doing recording/engineering etc. Not sure what Campbell's up to.
Awesome live band. Great album.


*Read Felix Von Havoc's article in MRR on the problematic packaging here.

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