Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grey Daturas - The Grey Daturas (2002)

Grey Daturas - The Grey Daturas CD-R. Black Mountain / Sonic Advisor (BM-02/SA-01) 2002.

1. When Planes Attack
2. Bleeding Bleeding Zodiac
3. Cuban Resistance
4. Do You Know I Was Supposed to Wake Up and Die Last Night?
5. Shrouded Rebus
6. I Talk to The Voices
7. Bloodcloth


First album from Grey Daturas. Not much to say. They were good, they broke up. Always liked em though never fell head over heels like many others. I don't know anything about music anyway.
One of the Rob's does Black Widow now.

Grey Daturas
Heathen Skulls


  1. Awesome, thanks for this and the other sweet stuff you've been uploading!

  2. Seriously tom, you need to start 'getting' jazz or some other type of 'challenging' music. Otherwise I don't know how seriously I can take you.