Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Diamond Sea - Demo (2007)

The Diamond Sea - Demo 3"CD-R. Self-released, 2007.

1. Heavy Skies
2. Safe Keeping
3. Ghosts

First demo from The Diamond Sea (yep, named after the Sonic Youth song) which featured Jacquie from Terror Firma/Schifosi/Plea of Insanity and Alicia from Masstrauma after she moved to Melbs, along with a couple of other ladies. Recorded at Mgtvle with Lachlan Vercoe. Pretty sure they had a different drummer after this recording. This is good, but the 10" on Yellow Ghost is fantastic. Buy it please. There's a split 7" too, apparently, but I haven't got/heard it. Someone give it to me please!


They're in Infinite Void and Tangent Circles now.

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