Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aphra Behn - Demo (2003)

Aphra Behn - Demo CD-R. Self-released 2003.

1. Intifada
2. Lines of Flight
3. Footnotes to an Esay Entitled "On the Political Connotations, Emotional Consequences and Bitter Irony of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies"
4. Pieces


Ex-St. Albans Kids, Things Fall Apart, The Plague and others. Pre-Scum System Kill, Burke & Wills, Crux and others. Jyoti and Luke also did Beating Hearts Press. Wollongong band, though I don't think anyone in this band was actually from Wollongong (certainly none of them live there now...). A bit emo, a bit hardcore, more than a bit political. Not many copies made (maybe 50?), with stenciled covers and a wrap around fancy bit.
Aphra Behn (1640-1689) was apparently the first woman to write professionaly in english.

Some info about Aphra Behn the person.

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