Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PLF#4 / Deplorable Records Comp (2003)

Personality Liberation Front #4 / Deplorable Records compilation CD, (DEP-20) 2003.

1. Conation - They've Come This Far Why The Fuck Should They Go Back Now? (demo)
2. Bjelke-Petersen Youth - Pliant (Left For Dead)
3. St. Albans Kids - An Exercise in Self-Affirmation
4. Schifosi - Wealth of Soil
5. The Stockholm Syndrome - Pen and Paper as a Safety Harness
6. George W. Bush - Fix Me (Black Flag)
7. The Spitz - Tell Me Something True
8. Heartfeltself - Consumer Hopefuls
9. Identity Theft - Warren Commission
10. Charcoal Human - Dissident
11. Far Left Limit - Need No Explanation
12. Widow/Orphan - if Closets are for Clothes I'm a Fucking Trenchcoat
13. Iron Sausage - Convenience Stuffs / Democratic Disease
14. Love Like...Electrocution - With Horses in Her Eyes, She Spat Like a Wildcat
15. Headless Horsemen - Born to Die
16. Terror Firma - Young and Free? (demo)
17. Upside Down Flag - Small Man, Big Mouth (Minor Threat)
18. Staying At Home - Jettison
19. Worse Off - Constant Damage
20. Encryptor - I-You-We-Dead
21. Theory Of Flight - Illusionary
22. Things Fall Apart - Tide
23. Open Wound - More Than Entertainment
24. Cross Eyed Hate - Whitebelt Wipeout
25. Days Of Iris - Less Than All
26. Deadstare - Tooth & Nail (Chokehold)
27. The Nation Blue - The Day The Banks Went Under
28. Pure Evil Trio - Crushed Beneath the Weight of My Own Insignificance
29. Fuck...I'm Dead - Barefoot and Shitfaced
30. Us Versus Them - I Should Have Chosen Impulse


Comp CD that came free with issue #4 of Personality Liberation Front (which I think was the last?). Weirdly caused a mild controversy at the time, mainly because of the zine's feminist slant and an article on herbal abortion. Really great mix of the best local bands of the period that still sounds good today (I reckon). Few otherwise still unreleased tracks too. 500 pressed originally, then Beating Hearts did another 50-100 after that, all gone now. There is also an old interview with Kylie from 2004 here. She does a blog now but I can't rember what it is...sorry.

For some reason the Schifosi track was missing. It's fixed now, but if you already downloaded the whole thing just the missing track is here.

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  1. thanks for putting this up. I don't know if I even have a copy. please delete that link to embarrassing old interview haha

    blog is this http://onlythesadsongs.blogspot.com/