Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Masstrauma - Demo (2006)

Masstrauma - Demo 3"CD. Self-released, 2006.

1. Microwaves and Lazerbeams
2. Get Rejected
3. Vultures
4. Rank Organisation
5. Habitual Line Stepper
6. Cast Away

Masstrauma was Fingers (vocals), Tristan (guitar), Kas (guitar), Alicia (bass) and Aaron (drums). They were an awesome, though short-lived, scandi-influenced hardcore band from Sydney. I recommend their vastly superior 7", "The Adoration of The Devil's Arse" and the split 7" with White Male Dumbinance, both on Missing Link.
Fingers was in Three Found Dead with Tristan, and after this in Fashion (a UK band of ex-pat Australians). Alicia moved to melbourne and joined Diamond Sea. Kas joined Deathcage playing drums before Deano. Tristan did Hee Haw. Aaron is still intermittently playing with Pure Evil Trio and as Un aka Turds Of Prey.


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