Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers - EP (2007)

The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers - 3"CDEP. Self-released, 2007.

1. Religious Wars (Subhumans)
2. Burn The Flag
3. State Control (Discharge)
4. Makhno
5. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Discharge)
6. Right to Strike

This is an odd little one but I'm into it. I know next to nothing about them except that they are a 2 piece comprised of Commander X and Commander Y, one of whom is Iain McIntyre of The Hatchetmen, Ninetynine and many more. Synth-pop kinda stuff but they cover Subhumans and Discharge (twice!) so they're down with the punx y'know. Not certain, but I think Kleber Claux was a french Anarchist/Nudist fellow, no doubt worth memorialising with song. Fun.

"...Coming at you straight out of Coburg The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers play anarcho casio pop and analogue synthesizer punk to set the masses' hearts afire! Having toured the UK, Finland, France and the Netherlands in 2007 The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers have recently had a track "State Control" appear on the latest Unbelievably Bad zine CD. Look forward to seeing you at an Aussie gig soon!"



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