Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Identity Theft - New World Odour (2000)

Identity Theft - New World Odour. Deplorable Records, (DEP-12) 2000.

1. Let Me Know
2. Just Begun
3. New World Odour
4. Dust
5. Blind Decay
6. Herald Scum
7. Bon Scott
8. Warren Commission



Featuring fellows from Mid Youth Crisis/One Inch Punch, Heads Kicked Off, Unit 1174, The Kill, Fuck...I'm Dead, Shallow Grave, Forza Liandri, Coue Method and many, many more. They changed line-ups a few times over the years, even breaking up for a period, but this debut sees them at their absolute finest. Catchy, melodic but fast with unhinged screaming and blast-beats. Love it.
1000 pressed, sold out. Hopefully will appear on vinyl one day...
They've got a new-ish album you should check out, "Masonic Youth", still not as good as this though! Playing again too, yay.


  1. Rager. Who from Unit was in this band?

  2. Ben Reichman...bass player and Stryper fan. Just found out they're playing their last ever show (again) in a week or so...Ben already left though a little whle back. Apparently rest of 'em have been jamming in a new band with Kev from Massappeal! Awesome.