Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Draft Dodger - Modern Martyr Demo (2004)

Draft Dodger - Modern Martyr Demo. Self-released, 2004.

1. Get Outa Town
2. Maketh the Man
3. The Greatest Story Ever Told Walking
4. Cutting Class
5. A Fistfull of Dollars

Draft Dodger's second demo, though it came out between the 7" and the LP (both on Endless Blockades). Perhaps more of a tour EP or something. Also released on cassette with a mixtape of 80's hardcore on the flipside.
Guest vocals on Get Outa Town by Lex Your Head (Crux/None Remain). Track 5 is listed as being "from forthcoming split 7"EP with (band name deleted) on Endless Blockades", which I believe was supposed to be a split with Straightjacket Nation that never happened. All these songs were re-recorded for the hugely underrated "First Past The Last Post" LP (which is still available! Get it!).


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  1. thanks tom - also remind me to get the LP from you next time I'm around