Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Draft Dodger - Cabin Fever Demo (2003)

Draft Dodger - Cabin Fever Demo. Self-released, 2003.

1. Cinder Blocks
2. Fistfull of Dollars
3. Diplomacy Has Been Ailed
4. Deleted Scenes
5. Second Verse Same as the First
6. The I in Riot
7. Pressure (Negative Approach)
8. Draft Dodger Slept Our Way to the Bottom
9. Superficial Love (T.S.O.L)
10. Man Hands (Farmers Handshake)
11. Theme from Draft Dodger

First, harder to find (they like it that way), demo from QLD's Draft Dodger. Chris on guitar instead of Ben. One of the best bands to come out of that punk-forsaken state (at least three of which feature Neil Bramley on vocals!) and it was shit they broke up, but it's ok 'cause we have Teargas now.


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