Friday, July 23, 2010

A Death In The Family - Demo (2004)

A Death In The Family - Demo. Poison City Records, (PCR-002) 2004.

1. Ends Never Meet
2. Sink We Swim
3. Gasping
4. Red Sky
5. Darling Monkey

They're playing this Friday at the Sando with The Nation Blue so...
All these tracks were re-recorded for the debut album "This Microscopic War" but I still have a certain fondness for these early versions. I was a bit worried when Sarah left the band (after this demo and the first album), but they redeemed themselves by getting Jamie Hay from Conation/Fear Like Us as a replacement. Atom also played in Days Of Iris (and Identity Theft for a bit), Andy in Fast Times and Matt in H-Block.



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