Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adam Lees - Duct #2 (2003)

Adam Lees - Duct #2: Even Artichokes Have Hearts. Self-released, 2003.

1. Corona
2. Armwrestle
3. Oh, Twenty One!
4. French Sounds Romantic
5. The Significance of Faces in Dreams
6. With The World Against You
7. Endsong

The second, and last, in a series of old-ish home-recording experiments from Adam Lees of Lungs, Oh Messy Life, Staying At Home and Animal Shapes (among others). Check out Duct #1 here. Probably a bit more considered than the last effort, but no less charming. I like.


Both Lungs and Animal Shapes have new albums out now!

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