Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adam Lees - Duct #1 (2003)

Adam Lees - Duct #1: You Can Hear The Computer Breathing. Self-released, 2003.

1. Whirlwinds
2. Tricks With Mirrors
3. The Stephen St. Tree
4. Does Anyone Know CPR?
5. Piscean
6. Journal Pages

So, Adam Lees (of Staying At Home, Lungs, Oh! Messy Life and more recently Animal Shapes) is really good at writing tech-y little pop-songs...and a bit of a genius...and a work-a-holic.
Years ago when Deplorable Records put out the St. Albans Kids 3"CD it was delayed, so we bought a whole bunch of 3"cd-r's and hand-painted covers for the launch. There were a handful of blanks left over afterwards so they were passed on to Adam who emerged from his bedroom a few weeks later with this little gem of a solo project, soon followed by #2 (to be posted shortly). All home-recorded & played by him (in one day I believe) towards the end of Staying At Home, they are more like demos and experiments than his usual perfectionism. I'm still quite fond of these and hardly anyone seems to have heard them. So here they are...enjoy.


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  1. Here I was smug in the thought I had all the Staying At Home related releases.
    Not so!