Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New Justice Team & Imperial Leather split 7"

The New Justice Team / Imperial Leather split 7". Appliances & Cars, 2009 (A&C-06).

The New Justice Team side
1. Sylvia Plath/Darby Crash
2. Bleach Blonde Australia Policy
3. Othering & Smothering

Imperial Leather side
4. Tickled with a Pistol
5. Golden Wheelchair


Our most recent Appliances & Cars release, the first in a few years (I'll be posting other releases for free download in coming weeks...). Still available in-store, or for $10AUD postage paid in Australia (see contact post). Also available from a few other shops & distros around the place...get in touch for wholesale & trades.

Artwork by Glenno. Glennoart

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